match live docs translated

 Using Match Live is very easy, to install it follow these steps:

1- Installation: (Watch the video)

Go to theme then edit html Cleanup template installed, saved, Match Live template installed

2- Meta-Tag Settings: (Watch the video)

 You will need to customize some meta tags to fit your site, as follows: 

  • keywords  , put the site's keywords with a comma,
  • twitter: site  put the hands of the twitter account
  • twitter: creator put in it the manager's twitter account
  • fb:app_id put the facebook app icon in it,  create an app from here 
  • fb:admins Put your Facebook account in it, get it from here 
  • theme-color and  msapplication-navbutton-color Put the color of the site in it, the color will appear in the phone 
  • Search for and more because of the link to the poster image.

3- Format: (watch the video)

The format contains all the settings for the colors and some advantages 
  • To change the colors, open  the color settings tool
  • The feature reset tool    contains the settings for the drivers built into the template:
  • radiatoken you can get it from here
  • adsjs you don't need to change it if you are going to work on adsense

4- Create a live broadcast player ( watch the video )

Before starting, check whether the Enable search description option is enabled, or the search description is enabled, and put the site in the second option

Create a new page set, the editor has been converted to html and don't leave any code if you find it.

In the place of the content, put the broadcast link 

In the search description, put one of the following words:

  • custom-player for the new Russian player
  • player1  for plyr . player
  • player2  for clappr . player
  • player3 for JWP player
  • twitch to include twitch with the need to change &parent= within the template code in your domain
  • player5 for dash videos
  • player6 for radiant media player
  • player7 for video player
  • multiple to include more than one broadcast on the same page with links in the form "link1","link2","link3" and it is recommended to add ?m=1 at the end of each link
  • random to include more than one broadcast on the same page, to display a random broadcast, placing the links in this way "link1","link2","link3" and it is recommended to add ?m=1 at the end of each link
  • youtube to embed a YouTube video or broadcast from another site
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To include more than one broadcast in the article use this code: 

Note that the pages of the players do not appear in search engines

5 - Create a new match (watch the video)

  •  First, go to the match creation page from here
  • The table is filled out to your liking 
  • When finished, copy the match code 
  • Go to your site, in the format, you will find the possibility to put the match, create a new tool of type html, put the code you copied, put an appropriate title.
  • If there is no match for today, play a tool   , there are no important matches
  • A match can be hidden from appearing by disabling it
  • To change the match result, change the data-result  value  at the beginning of the code you copied 
  • Matches are automatically rearranged, current matches appear at the beginning of the list.

6 - Show match schedules on a specific page ( watch the video )

  • When creating a specific page, you can get the hands of the page through the page link during modification, which is the last number in the link, copy it
  • Go to the template and search for pro paramerte show table in pages and put the page hands after the comma
  • You can add up to 30 pages
  • In the latest version of the template, the method has been changed, all you have to do is add a   showtable   in the page description
7 - Embed the table page in another site, add ?view=embed at the end of the page link like this.

8- Show the header of the match in the article (watch the video)

  • While creating the match from the editor, the code that you will get you can add it on the post page, under the content code.
  • Latest version: In the template editor, create the match banner, copy it, go to the last code of the post and paste the code.

9- Adding topics from a specific section on the main page

In the last update, the ability to display a specific section of topics was added, to activate it, go formatting, it was downloaded to  the topic display area of ​​a specific category,    create a new tool, the code attached to the files was placed (code to display topics from a specific section)

10- Show the commentator, the channel, the league on the phone 

Look for  .match-info{display:none}   and change none to block

11- Change the temporary image that appears before the image of the article appears, search for the link and other  or just change the last phrase